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Just search on internet….. Thanks a lot for your blog, such an informative one. I am from the Philippines and I saw one of those eye shadow Palette selling here at the office. I have a gut feeling that it was really fake since it does not have any counterpart at any MAC store.

Such a relief to raed this blog. Now I know that I really need to be aware. And this is very alarming!

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Hi Ami, Nice post. Even I have come across Mac products in Borivali. I also came across a 98 eyeshadow palette from VOV which is sold at different rates at different shops. I guess its fake bcoz the packaging has no details of where it is made.

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And 1 more thing is The beauty shop Kandivali, a safe place to shop? I have also seen fake mac foundation at one of the shop in Dehradun. When i came to know about its price i was shocked bcoz it was priced Then i thoroughly checked the packaging, it was made in South Korea. I think these fake products are available all over the world at very cheap prices.

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I saw this huge vov eyeshadow palette on snapdeal. Its having 98 eyeshadows at a discounted price of Rs After reading this blog i am a little skeptical in buying dis. Does any one have any information about snapdeal products? Recently my friend n I were shopping in gk 1 market, Delhi… We stopped at an open stall which sells hair clips etc there we spotted these makeup products too… N they had single eye shadows which had same packaging as original mac.

They even had mac eye pencils for as low as INR!!!! I was shocked. I just saw the differences of the fake MAC Logo. Your email address will not be published. Related Posts. I wonder why no action is being taken against such frauds…? Duplicate VOV!!!!!

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Rati pls delete d previous post with my real name. Hi All, M so sorry for late reply….. Ami, A small shop keeper knows that if he sells something worth bucks no one would purchase anything from him. Hi, I saw this huge vov eyeshadow palette on snapdeal. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recent from the blog. Sounds like all these years we have been eating completely wrong!

You can definitely eat your sugar in moderation, but there are also healthy alternatives to sugar which can […]. I had to pick some shades to try on.

I am sure many of you have already seen them in your country. As of now, I […]. A Colors has an array of beautiful palettes in a budget-friendly range. The range is designed after the colors of the day dusk, dawn and so on and encourage you to create looks for an easy day-to-night transition. Read on for more details on this lipstick. Recent Comments. I would like to know You should consider getting this for their face brushes and the Real Techniques Starter Set for the eye brushes - it's very good.

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Hope this helped! If you can get Morphe Brushes, I really recommend those! You can read up my reviews on those too xoxo. Oh, thank you so much. It is very helpful for me.

Actually, I intend to order somes Morphe brushes, however I do not know exactly what I should to buy. Moreover, some brushes of Elite line were sold out T. Are you looking for face or eye brushes? Let me know maybe I can look at my collection and see what to recommend? Anyway, a few of my most use eye brushes are not from the elite collection - I love the MB13 and M for blending.

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This is a very informative review on the brushes! I love that you compared it to other brands as well. Was wondering if you have tried the sculpt and blend 3. And if you have, how would you compare it with this set. Cause im a bit torn on whether i should get the 2nd or 3rd version instead. Hi there, I didn't even know they had a 3rd version! Haha I just checked out their website and from the looks of it, I have to say that I might prefer the 3rd version as the brushes looks like something I reach for on a daily basis.

Hope this helps xoxo. I definitely do not need another brush set but I keep seeing this around and I have always been curious about the BH Cosmetics brushes. They look so soft and nice. Here's all the 10 brushes in the set and I am so glad I got them! They are all so soft and made with synthetic bristles. They reminds me so much of Sigma's synthetic brushes.

It is very soft and not too dense, so it does blends out the foundation more sheer that the typical flat top brushes.


It does not leave streaks and foundation looks very nicely blended. Here I have included all the other similar type of brushes I own. This is more similar to the Wet n Wild and Makeup Geek ones.