Why Should You Edit Your Photos?

The price is quite OK if this is a program that you need in your everyday life to have an easy way to enhance photos with a lot of features. If you ask me, DxO PhotoLab is an amazing software and comes with a plethora of great photo enhancement features. Other than the learning curve, it is quite nice to see a program available with so many features which are also very easy to use once you have gone through the interface once.

Instead of that, you upload an image on the website and select what you want to do with the image.

Acorn 6 | Full Featured Photo Editor for the Mac

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can choose the type of enhancement you want to apply to a picture. Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. Wondershare is known to make programs and apps that make your life easier when it comes to using a computer and doing everything things. The Fotophire Editing Toolkit is a really functional and easy to use tool that comes with different modules.

The first module is the Photo Editor that lets you enhance and edit the image by providing you tools to apply color corrections, filters, contrast and blur settings and more. You can also choose from the provided pre-set filters that will automatically make changes to the image as per your liking. Next module in the toolkit is the Photo Cutter which is mainly used to remove the background in photos. You have two main options for doing this. You can choose the areas you want to remove using the tool provided while the green brush tool will let you choose the areas you want to keep in the image.

Once you have selected everything properly, you can see that the background will be removed. The last module is the Photo Eraser which essentially will be used to remove unwanted elements from a photo. In the image above, you can see that the shot has a Seagull bird in it which needs to be removed. In order to do that, we will the Erase and the Clone tool.

After using the Erase tool, we removed the Seagull from the picture and this was done without the Clone tool which is also present in the program. The Clone tool essentially lets you take the area you want to replace from another source in the same picture and you can then clone the selected area over the Seagull, thereby hiding the bird.

Fotophire is definitely one of the most user-friendly image enhancement programs out there. But the toolkit does seem to have a limited number of features in the Photo Editor and this is one of the many reasons why someone who is new to photo editing would love using this program. BeFunky is another great choice to edit and enhance your images online. It comes with other tools like Collage Creation, and a Graphic Designing tool that you can use to create things like social media banners, invitations or anything you want. Our focus is on the Image Enhancement option that BeFunky has to offer.

Just open BeFunky. The UI of the editor inside the browser very closely looks like a desktop program but it is all running in the browser.

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One is the free tier where all you need to do is create an account and start using the tool. In the free version, you can use the Auto Enhance feature that will automatically apply a bunch of edits to the image in order to correct it in terms of brightness, contrast etc. It is possible to customize these filters with your own settings and even save the presets to use again.

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Aside from filters, this automatic photo editing software gives a set of adjustment tools such as tilt-shift, vignette, drop shadow, sharpening and color correction — it is easy to make auto photo edit processes. Acorn is a fantastic mac photo editor and it costs next to nothing too which is always a benefit. Pixelmator is a MAC photo editor that allows for professional photo edits. For creating automatic photo edits, Pixelmator has the ML Enhance function. This powerful feature has been improved in the latest version.

Using ML Enhance you can automatically improve the basic quality and finish of your photos. It uses AI technology and has learned from millions of photos to provide reliable and quality end results. Aside from ML Enhance, Pixelmator also has a host of batch processing tools. You can automatically alter white balance, color adjustments and effects. Furthermore, you can automatically change the image file type. The color adjustments, for example, provides you with a range of preset color options such as Smoky, Vibrant, Vivid and Calm.

You can apply these presets with a single click.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac

This MAC program also has some neat features such as text overlays, quick selection tools, and layer tools. The interface is sometimes clunky as different windows pop-up, but the auto enhancements are superb. PIXLR is a fantastic web-based photo editor that anyone can use. This editor has a simple interface and a host of basic tools to quickly edit your photos. The standard toolbar has all the features you would expect such as crop tool, clone tool, erase, fill tool, brushes, selection tool and more.

These tools allow you to create new images and edit the parameters of your photos. In addition, PIXLR also has a selection of preset filters similar to those offered in Photoshop for automatic photo editing. These allow you to apply some cool effects to your photos such as halftone, noise, vignette, HDR, and blur. PIXLR also has a selection of automatic adjustments you can apply to a photo. Examples of adjustment presets include invert, sepia, solarize, old photo, posterize and desaturate.

Finally, you can make adjustments to the basic photo parameters using the adjustment tools. Although this is just a web-based editor, it is still quite powerful and really quick to use. Affinity Photo is a superb photo enhancer software. This is available as both an app for Apple IPads and as a desktop program too. We should first notice that the program is easy to use — the tools are placed in a logical layout and are easily accessible.

It also runs smoothly and does not require a huge amount of processing power. This program has a whole dedicated section relating to RAW editing. It provides a host of useful development tools that allows you to quickly improve the basic quality of your photos. These tools include painted overlays, white balance tool, blemish removal tool, crop and straighten tool and tone clipping.

Using these tools you can quickly turn a RAW photo into a high-quality edit. Moreover, Affinity Photo also offers a selection of adjustment tools. These give you greater control over your images. They are typical tools that you would have a RAW editor to contain such as clarity, contrast, saturation, and noise reduction. The workflow is logical and the program operates perfectly on both computers and iPads.

Light Zone has actually been around for years and it is now an open source auto photo enhancer that anyone can use. To download the program you must first register an account on the Light Zone website it only takes a few minutes. One of the main features of this program is its pre-built styles. These styles are effectively a combination of edited settings that create a certain effect. You can apply these styles with a simple click.

The styles are organized into different categories and you can edit the photo after you have applied it too. We love this free photo editor because of the styles, but it also has a host of basic editing functions too. As far as image enhancement software goes, Light Zone is definitely a top contender. This software is available as a download and a trial version is available. It should be noted that to use this program to its fullest extent, you will need a powerful PC — it is quite processor and memory heavy. This program really shines when it comes to automatic enhancements. ON1 has a multitude of editing presets.

These presets can be applied with a single click. Moreover, you can edit the parameters of each preset if you wish to tweak the end result. Examples of preset categories include cinematic, color grading, hipster, sports, urban and color film. The variety is superb and they can really transform your photos into professional end products. ON1 has a similar layout to Lightroom and is extremely user-friendly.

Photolemur for Mac & Windows: Automatic Photo Enhancement

Edits can be made to photos quickly. Moreover, it has an extensive import and export feature. Finally, ON1 also has fantastic storage and management capabilities — you can use this program to organize and categorize your photos to improve your workflow. If you have a modern high-power computer, ON1 is certainly a great choice — other products in this list could be advised if you only have a basic device, however.

Professional image editing tools that anyone can use.

PhotoDirector 10 by Cyber Link is the latest version of this photography software. This latest release includes many improvements and a host of AI-based technologies. Discovered PDFpen via Setapp. Worth it just for the stellar OCR job it does on poorly-scanned assigned readings. Now to start playing with all those PDF editing features Nate Dickson.

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