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By Alvin Alexander.

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Last updated: June 30 Enabling the Mac Bluetooth menu to see the battery levels If the Bluetooth menu I just described isn't on your Mac menu bar, fear not, it's easy to get it there. Why is my MacBook warm when the lid is closed in sleep mode?

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My favorite Midsomer Murders episode. No more fussing with Bluetooth pairing: When you connect the Magic Mouse 2 to your Mac using a Lightning cable included , El Capitan automatically creates a Bluetooth pairing. Much of what I said in my review of the Magic Mouse nearly seven years ago holds true for the Magic Mouse.

The Magic Mouse 2 has an extremely low profile, so if you like to rest the lower part of the mouse against your palm, you may not be able to do so with the Magic Mouse 2. The Magic Mouse 2 still has only two buttons. When you click a button, the whole top of the mouse presses down with an audible click sound.

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Multi-Touch is relied on for scrolling, going forward or back in iPhoto or Safari, zooming, and more but there are no new gestures. One pet peeve I had with the Magic Mouse—and thus, still have with the Magic Mouse 2—is that its symmetrical design makes it impossible to tell by touch if the mouse is positioned with the optics at the top.

The Multi-Touch gestures that were introduced with the original Magic Mouse are still available with the Magic Mouse 2. Could the Magic Mouse 2 support Force Touch?


Probably not in its current state. Apple has a pattern of not implementing new features in older devices in order to get people to adopt the new device. The lack of Force Touch in the Magic Mouse 2 could be both a difficult thing to do and a way to get people to switch to a Magic Trackpad 2.

I think we can agree that input devices might be the most personal parts of a personal computer. Therefore, opinions about input devices like mice are highly subjective, and my reasons for not liking Apple mice are a matter of taste and how they fit my personal ergonomics and way I use a mouse.

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As a matter of perspective, my favorite mouse is the Logitech Performance MX. Magic Mouse 2 in terms of user input that makes it a must-have. Roman has covered technology since the early s.